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Welcome to Happie Coconut

It is our goal to provide quality, healthy organic products for your home and skincare that’s safe for the whole family from our organic farm.

We have a small farm in SW Missouri with a big organic comfrey garden. We first used comfrey to fertilize our other plants, add to our mulch and feed our chickens, ducks and pigs. We finally made a balm or salve out of it and found its our favorite all purpose “fixer”. We used it for as bug bite remedy, on sun burns, winter dry skin, aches and pains and so much more. We shared it with friends and family and it was an instant success. Now here we are years later sharing with you.

It is our goal to provide quality healthy organic alternatives to the commercially produced products available online and in stores. We formulate our recipes with much research, and believe the hard work shows in every handcrafted product we make.

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