REFILL - Happie Coconut Breathe Sinus Soak Bath Salt is amazing for those who suffer from allergies, congestion and stuffiness.
Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid these but thankfully, some powerful essential oils serve in a natural way. These essential oils work hard to offer relief.



Refill bag 

Approximately 32oz

Directions :

Add 1/4 cup to warm bath and soak for 15-20 minutes. Also great to add to the shower by adding 1/4 cup to the side floor so the steam can activate the oils.


Dead Sea Salt
Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils.

Mineral Content in Dead Sea Salt:
Magnesium Chloride 31.0-35.0%
Potassium Chloride 20.0-28.0%

* Skin may redden in hot baths briefly due to increased circulation. Use caution when using hot water.
Avoid contact with eyes, as salt can sting. Just rinse with water.
**If under Medical supervision, consult your doctor before use.**

We encourage you to “research all cosmetic ingredients”. We are very proud of our ingredient selections because they are natural, beneficial, pure and have been historically used in cosmetics.

Amazing minerals in Dead Sea bath salts is said to provide to many other benefits, including, softening and moisturizing.

Sodium Chloride 3.0-9.0%
Calcium Chloride 0.1-0.5%
Bromide 0.3-0.6%
Sulfate 0.05-0.2%
Insolubles 0-0.2%
Water of Crystallization 32.0-40.0%

Refill Breathe 32oz -Sinus Soak Bath Salt by Happie Coconut - Dead Sea Salts

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  • Not cleared by FDA for consumption. For external use only.